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Suffering from slow or clogged drains?

Slow or clogged drains are a common plumbing problem in many households.  They can leave you with a real mess especially if the clog isn’t as close to the top of the drain as you thought.  Ignoring a smaller clogged drain can lead to a much bigger issue such as a clog in your main pipe systems and flooding that could damage your home.  When this main line becomes clogged, your water will not flow as freely and you’ll be sure to notice issues with all of the plumbing systems in your home. Our trained, professional technicians can help solve your slow or clogged drain issues and keep your water flowing with our latest drain cleaning equipment.

Signs of Main Line Sewer Drain Clogs:

  • ✓ Bubbling or gurgling water in toilets or drains
  • ✓ Toilets and drains that frequently clog
  • ✓ Backups in multiple drains or lower areas of home such as the basement
  • ✓ Foul odors
  • ✓ Pools of water forming under appliances

These small signs can indicate a deeper issue with your drains.

Drains can clog when foreign debris build up in your pipes:

  • ✓ Hair
  • ✓ Soap scum
  • ✓ Toilet Paper
  • ✓ Oil & Grease
  • ✓ Tree roots
  • ✓ Small objects or toys

You can also experience a clogged drain when sewer lines or sewer vents have problems. We make sure we identify the cause of your clogged drain problem and offer you the right solutions to get your pipes active and flowing again!

Air Temp Solutions Can Help!

When you call us, an expert plumbing technician will arrive at your home and conduct an inspection and provide you with the solutions to your plumbing issues. Depending on the issue in your home, the plumbing technician may need to conduct a camera drain line inspection to detect the cause of your problem that is existing deep down in your pipes.

Our Drain Cleaning Service & Plumbing Repairs Include:

  • ✓ Cleaning out clogged drains in bathroom, kitchen, and your whole house
  • ✓ Video camera inspections
  • ✓ Sewage ejector pumps
  • ✓ Broken sewer lines
  • ✓ Sewer line re-piping
  • ✓ Leaky or broken pipes
  • ✓ Clean outs


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