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Air Temp Solutions installs air conditioning systems in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey. The average lifespan of an air conditioner is 11-13 years. Unfortunately, at some point, you will have to replace your AC system. When that time comes, call Air Temp Solutions. We offer:


AC Installation Is the Most Critical Factor in Performance

You may not realize it, but the installation of your air conditioner will have more impact on how well it runs and how long it lasts than any other factor. At Air Temp Solutions, you’ll get a quality installation. We are trained and experienced and follow all of the manufacturer’s recommendations for installations to make sure your air conditioner or heater runs efficiently and lasts for years.

Quality Installations

Not only do we install your air conditioner right, we make sure we install the right system. Before we install any equipment, we sit down and talk to you first. We ask important questions about your house, your needs, if there are problem areas, if anyone suffers from allergies, etc.

We also measure your home and perform a load calculation, which tells us exactly the size of system you need. This is based on a lot of different factors: square footage, types of windows in your home, how much insulation you have, and even how tall your ceilings are.

We want to make sure the system we install is the best fit for you, your home, and your budget.

Financing Makes Affording a New AC Easier

We know a new air conditioner is not always in the budget. That’s why we offer several financing options to help make payments more manageable. With our free installation estimates and easy financing, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be comfortable year round.

Same Day Service Available

We are licensed & insured!

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